Call for the 19th edition of the Havana Theater Festival 2021

The Consejo Nacional de las Artes Escénicas of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cuba is calling for the 19th edition of the Havana Theater Festival to be held in the Cuban capital from October 23 to 31, and will be dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Berta Martínez, the 80th anniversary of the play Electra Garrigó by Cuban playwright Virgilio Piñera and the 60th anniversary of the speech «Palabras a los intelectuales» by the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.

With its spirit of dialogue, encounter and festivity, Havana, in the midst of celebrating half a millennium, will welcome the confluence of artistic languages and varied aesthetic tendencies that make up the current state of theatrical art. The Cuban public and its professionals of the scene, permanent followers of the Festival, are waiting for them to multiply those imaginations attached to the powerful constructions of ideas, actions and emotions on the stages of the world.

The event aims to favor the exhibition of high quality theatrical shows considered as referents of stage creation, premieres or revivals and any artistic line, also it will create spaces for exchange and confrontation among creators, researchers, critics and theoreticians of Cuban and world theater and attending audiences. Exhibitions, workshops and forums for theoretical reflection on theatricality and its multiple and diverse approaches will be part of the Havana offer.

The selection of the pieces that will make up the National and International Exhibit will be in charge of a curatorial committee appointed and chaired by the CNAE, composed of specialists, experts and personalities of recognized prestige in the artistic field of the Cuban scene. The decision will be final and will be made public through the Cubaescena website.

Our economic limitations do not allow the financing of international travel or the payment of fees to participants; instead, preferential lodging options are suggested through Paradiso, a tour operator agency of the Ministry of Culture. The organizers will also provide logistical and promotional support to the selected proposals.

On the submission of international proposals

Submission of a proposal constitutes acceptance of the following.

All dossiers must contain:

  1. Registration Form.
  2. Internet Video Link of the play.
  3. Photographs of the staging, maximum 5, free of publicity rights.
  4. Identity logos of the group and/or institutions to which it belongs.

You must download the registration form and then send it together with the photographs and logos to the Festival contact.

Deadline for receipt of proposals

Proposals will be received from the time of publication of this call for proposals until May 27, 2021.



19th Havana Theater Festival

Registration Form 19 Festival de Teatro de La Habana 2021.


Basic Information

Name of the Group


Title of the work

Author / Choreographer

Target audience

Language of performance

Duration of the play

Cast (Name – Character)

Artistic Direction

General Direction

Credits of the creative and technical team (Name – Occupation)

Synopsis of the play

Technical Needs


Lighting (Include floor plan)

Scenery (include floor plan, dimensions of the scene)

Pyrotechnics or special effects


Staging and Rehearsals

Estimated set-up time

Number of rehearsals

Estimated time for each rehearsal

Disassembly time

Technical Load

Number of pieces of luggage or packages

Weight of cargo (kg)

Other important details


Most convenient representation time

Availability for double performance


Brief historical review of the company

Press opinions about the play

Awards and recognitions

Availability of promotional material

Any other relevant information

Personal information about the team

Name and Surname

Passport Number



The information of the proposals that are not selected will be eliminated after the official selection of the Festival is published.